Here you will find a few samples of our past installation and design work. Click on the pictures for a full size view.

Public Defender's Office

The Lecture Hall at the Public Defender's Office consists of a sophisticated setup consisting of a central touch screen panel at the Lectern that can control all electronics within the room including the lighting, sound, and video systems. A projector and two HDTVs are linked together that present images from either computers a camera and cable source. The camera image is directed to a dedicated recording computer for both online streaming and recording of lectures. The room is set up with a custom made rolling white board and a podium with 2 wirless and one hardwired low profile mic setup, and an option for a guest lamp top to be connected directly to the podium. LCD Presentation system has set up many such control rooms including all Public Defender offices county wide.






San Diego Zoo Safari Park

We have maintained and set up systems for the San Diego Wild Animal Park for over 20 years, with sound system for stage shows, display set ups and discrete integration of sound and music into the park natural setting to enhance the feel of nature.




San Diego Community Collage District's Metro

  Since the Late 80’s we have integrated, serviced, maintained and repaired all A/V equipment at all campuses of the San Diego community Collage district.  these photos are from the Metro South. The class room is fitted with a simple Audio Video setup, 8’ Manual screen, an Optoma 3000 lumens XGA projector and connections at the instruction’s desk to connect to a dedicated computer and a second wall connection port at the screen.  



Mark Stein Beverage Co.

The main conference room is set up with a state of the art high lumen Sanyo Projector with 8 in ceiling speakers, wireless professional microphone and video, computer and sound system that is installed in an A/V rack located in a control room. Full system can be accessed from a custom podium or anywhere in the room via an infra red IR electronic eye. The speaker has the freedom to move around the room and still control the Audio video system, turn on the projector and lower the screen or the sound system with a remote control.   


 Mark Stein’s second floor conference room is set up with a fixed screen, a DLP projector and a 46” LED TV with connectivity at the conference table.



San Diego County, Serra Mesa-Kearny Mesa Branch public Library

Upgrading the old system to a new updated easy to operate system with an electric controlled screen and an electronic eye for operator’s easy access to control the new projector from an arms reach. A customized platform was built to extend the projector to allow full screen coverage. The entire system, Audio video equipment are installing in an A/V rack located in a control room. 




The Main training room is designed to allow full room participation. The room is designed with multiple microphones integrated in the ceiling strategically through out the room to evenly pickup and distributed the sound throughout the room and also to stream via the video conferencing system to other locations.  The video conferencing is set up with 2 cameras instead of one to allow a more flexible and seamless coverage of the room. A state of the arts high lumen Sanyo projector reflects all contents including video streamed from the far side via the video conferencing system.  The room is also geared with 6 in ceiling speakers, a professional wireless microphone and a high quality podium mic. for the speaker processed through a BiAmp processor/mixer.  All components are installed inside the podium which is fully controlled by a Creston touch screen pane that can be seen in the photos.  



Rancho California Water District

The Rancho training room consists of a horseshoe table setting. This room is equipped with a 4500 lumen wide screen (16X10) NEC projector that is positioned to shoot an 8’ wide electric screen. The room’s sound system includes four 8” speakers that are driven by a Rolls commercial audio mixer/amplifier that accommodates inputs form 4 different sources including a Clearone Audio Conferencing system with a ceiling drop mic on each table.




Nativity Catholic Church

The Nativity Catholic Church Main Sacristry Audio system was upgraded with the Audio Technica 5000 series wireless microphone system. The room is designed with a total of 6 active wireless microphones, one podium mic and 12 input locations throughout the room. The sound system is supported with 4 high power QSC power amplifier and several speakers discreetly set up within the structure. A Marantz Capture unit is installed in the audio rack which uploads the audio into the server which can be downloaded for edit and recording.

A high definition Sony Camera is set up to capture the Pastors sessions which is transported live Via Kramer’s digital streaming devices to an audio video rack setup in the Commons Meeting Room where the video is then distributed to a 90” TV dedicated to the over flow audience. The video is also directed to a dedicated computer for recording and later edited and uploaded onto the internet.